Thursday, 24 October 2013

Film Evaluation

This is my film for the preliminary it is called "Virus"
(on youtube AS Media Short Film-virus 2013)
For the oringnal idea i had was of cause the basic plan, walking across a room siting down and having a shot reverse shot conversation. But dicided that i could make it look better by addind a story to the basic idea, i later came up with the idea of virus.I then came up with the finshed storyboard as it seen on blogger.
The positives about the film was that the editing was clean and there was a wide use of shots such as the panning shot which was used well within the film
 The dialogue was in good amount for the film as i was able to get the shot reverse shot and have a short film
The titles at the end was quoted as "used effectively" because it made the production look professional.

The negative of the project are that after it being watched several times it was noticed that from the establishing shot to the stairs scene the ellipise was too long.

If i could redo this project i would have more dialogue because for me it was a bit too short
As well as making the acting a little more fluid as there was a little break in communication.   

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