Thursday, 24 October 2013

Film Evaluation

This is my film for the preliminary it is called "Virus"
(on youtube AS Media Short Film-virus 2013)
For the oringnal idea i had was of cause the basic plan, walking across a room siting down and having a shot reverse shot conversation. But dicided that i could make it look better by addind a story to the basic idea, i later came up with the idea of virus.I then came up with the finshed storyboard as it seen on blogger.
The positives about the film was that the editing was clean and there was a wide use of shots such as the panning shot which was used well within the film
 The dialogue was in good amount for the film as i was able to get the shot reverse shot and have a short film
The titles at the end was quoted as "used effectively" because it made the production look professional.

The negative of the project are that after it being watched several times it was noticed that from the establishing shot to the stairs scene the ellipise was too long.

If i could redo this project i would have more dialogue because for me it was a bit too short
As well as making the acting a little more fluid as there was a little break in communication.   

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Print Evaluation

 I chose the background of the school logo in the tv to keep it relevante but later i superimposed the picture on to the tv to work with my tagline "thinking outside the box"
I kept the colours simple because i did not want to waste time on choosing colours,they also outline important information such as the puff  "free issue#1"
I directed the actor to look like he needs some exam tips and to make it fit with my thought bubble. Also used the actors eyes to place where i would write on the front cover about the exam tips.
I used the school website to enforce the fact that it is a school magazine and that students can find stuff on the website to do with the magazine such as questions and topics to discuss, the QR code is there so that they can skip straight to the webpage instead of going through the school website.
For the contents page i chose to keep the background similar but changed the background to black for a change as i thought is would look better than my front cover.also i thought it looked better than my front cover.
Once again i kept the colour scheme simple and the same colours as before, i changed the background from white to black whilst changing the writing from black to white so it was visable.Also keeping the speech bubbles red so that they stand out from the rest of the page.
To keep it being a magazine i would have done sixteen pages as this is a small magazine in which i could still give alot of detail to the magazine.
If i had to change somthing it would be to make the front cover the same as the contents page and maybe be more adventures.     

Monday, 21 October 2013


this is our storyboard for the short scene we will film.

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Health and Safety

first scene: outside looking at north builiding(establishing shot) trip hazard.

second scene: loacation stairs north builiding hacker walking up stairs: trip hazard, falling down/upstairs.

third scene: location classroom: trip hazard, falling over table, chairs, electric shock from computer.

fourth scene: same location : trip hazard falling over table, chairs, electric shock from electrical sytems in the room, falling off the chair when hitting teacher, teacher being hit by object and him falling weirdly.

Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Analysis of Print front cover

The title “schools in” shows the simplisticness of the font but is made hard to read. The book tells us that the magazine is about exam results and success.

The bright colours of the writing on the text book draw the eye of the viewer giving us the impression that that is important and the main theme of the magazine also the colour a yellowy/ gold also suggest the importance of the subject.

The photo of the pupil with hardly any back ground says that this could be anyone and everyone can achieve success. The casualness of the clothes also means that it could be anyone.

The fact that the magazine is free will appeal to the audience of GCSE students also it having information they want to find out more on or need to know.

Monday, 7 October 2013

Treatment: hacker walks  up the stair.enters classroom whilst being watched by teacher in other classroom wonder what he is doing.hacker uploads virus teacher confronts him hacker hits him  

CAST : Karl as HACKER 
           Kenneth as TEACHER

North Building.( establishing shot)
The Hacker (Karl) is walking up the stairs, enters the classroom looking around and making sure he is alone.
Unknown to him, Teacher in the classroom across the hall sees him.
The Hacker begins to upload a virus onto the school system and the Teacher enters.
T - “HEY, what are you doing in here!?”
H - “Destroying your school.”
H – “And you cant stop me” (Hacker presses Enter)
T – “I CAN AND I WILL!” (Teacher goes towards Hacker)
Hacker throws punch to Teacher - Camera Smash cuts to computer screen it says “VIRUS COMPLETE

Shot list

Shot name
1.Establishing shot
North building
2.Long shot/close up
Long shot of hacker going up stair turn to close up as hacker walk in camera 
3.Close up to medium
Close up of hacker walking past camera in to the hallway making sure it is clear.
4.Deep focus
Focused zoom of teacher spying on hacker and walking into other class room to confront him
5.Shot reverse shot
Characters having a conversation 
6.Close up
Hacker grabbing object to hit teacher
7.Long shot
Hacker try’s to hit teacher before we see it black out.