Friday, 7 March 2014

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Lionsgate is a fairly new, big Hollywood studio which became more mainstream as the years past. They specialise in independent and foreign films, films that were considered controversial such as American Psycho which starred Christian Bale as the lead – ‘Patrick Bateman’. At the time of the movie’s release, he was a relatively unknown actor at the time, but came to gain critical acclaim for his performance. Strong word of mouth meant it would go on to be one of Lionsgate’s first limited release box office success grossing $34 million on a budget of $7 million.

As of recent they have become a major part of bringing people to movie theatres, with highly successful franchises like The Hunger Games and Twilight. But what most people recognize them for is their horrors, they were considered a staple brand for horror films with the Saw franchise being the most successful horror franchises of all time, and now they have a slate of new horror films being released every year, like Hostel, My Bloody Valentine etc.

The Woodlands would be a great fit for Lionsgate as it was independently made and for a very cheap price. It would also be an easy deal for Lionsgate, they would have to acquire distribution rights, production is all handled for them much like the film You’re Next, made independently acquired by Lionsgate for $2 million and went on to gross over $26 million.

This film has unknown stars and crew which could potentially hurt the box office numbers. What this film could be good at is becoming a cult classic. Making the most of what we had, this film could turn a profit if given a limited release. The typical theatre count for a major release is around 3,000 cinemas. What many films do is, for example the film Lone survivor opened in just 2 theatres the week before wide release and had a huge $45,000 per theatre average.

If the same was done with our film, depending on the success of its limited release could be expanded to more and more screens every weekend depending on its staying power.

The Woodlands is an original concept, which incorporates classic jump scares and suspenseful scenes to their advantage reminiscing of classic horror much like the film The Conjuring did. For Marketing the film, it could gradually gain momentum as the release date closes in, releasing teasers on YouTube for free, reducing the chances of Lionsgate losing money – follow the same route as Paranormal activity and get the viewers to Demand It. Being that it contains no one recognizable, it would be best to focus on the story and the scares – a great way to attract younger audiences who are keen to see something with high entertainment value.


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NOTE: For best quality watch with small screen

Tuesday, 21 January 2014

Genre features of Horror

A hero or protaganist is normally the weakest charater to start with in a horror and end up stronger in the end as they go through a jouney which is both mental and physical this could be over coming fall out,death and trying to stay alive. They often follow "the last girl"theory this when the weakest is often a girl (the good girl) is weak to start and is made stronger by the jouney of the event and is normally the only surviver as they are the good charater,But somtimes this is broken by having a male protaganist which has him as the last girl in a few ways such films as severance in which the last girl theory is about Danny Dyer charater steve which he is the weaker person as he has magic mushrooms.

the villan or antagonist is seen as a creature or twisted person that always trys attack the protaganist and they always have weapons and the intention to kill even if its for money but they are always stopped and they are always morally wrong.

The use of darkness and light are key in horror films becasue is the scene was too bright then the monster may not be scary, darkness is good for a horror film because the less of the monster or threat you can see the more scary is seems this is because the brain make use fear it because it cant be explained because we can not see it.

Isolation is also key as if the protaganist was in a busy city then help would be easy to get to and would not be scary so if they are isolated then it creates a different emotional state so the group may turn on each other or panic which then makes them more vulnerable as well as the audince as it mean the character is more prone to jump if spooked so makes the audience jump.

Jump scares are what make horror watchers jump these are put in place to suprise and scare the audience which frightens and makes these sorts of movie appealing these are mostly done by things going through a window e.g. the antaganist coming through or dragging somthing through with it.

Unatural camera angles are used for two reasons in film the first to show that someone is spying on somone when then should not be which tells the audience it is naughty e.g. spying through keyhole etc and the other is a POV shot from the antaganist which implies danger as a victim is being stalked by the antagansit.

Wednesday, 15 January 2014

planning the poster

i showed my poster to a peer who then said i could improve it and this is the improvments i was told i could of made if i did this again,one thing that was to change the position of the people in the background to add more interest to the poster. in changing the postion we could add more dramatic effect if we have a killer in the background ready to kill the victim it will change the volume of interest from our audience and as my peer has noted they said if the person was facing away from the camaera with the murder weapon shows more of a enigmatic character.

Monday, 13 January 2014


This is my poster to my media film  "THE WOODLANDS"