Monday, 7 October 2013

Treatment: hacker walks  up the stair.enters classroom whilst being watched by teacher in other classroom wonder what he is doing.hacker uploads virus teacher confronts him hacker hits him  

CAST : Karl as HACKER 
           Kenneth as TEACHER

North Building.( establishing shot)
The Hacker (Karl) is walking up the stairs, enters the classroom looking around and making sure he is alone.
Unknown to him, Teacher in the classroom across the hall sees him.
The Hacker begins to upload a virus onto the school system and the Teacher enters.
T - “HEY, what are you doing in here!?”
H - “Destroying your school.”
H – “And you cant stop me” (Hacker presses Enter)
T – “I CAN AND I WILL!” (Teacher goes towards Hacker)
Hacker throws punch to Teacher - Camera Smash cuts to computer screen it says “VIRUS COMPLETE

Shot list

Shot name
1.Establishing shot
North building
2.Long shot/close up
Long shot of hacker going up stair turn to close up as hacker walk in camera 
3.Close up to medium
Close up of hacker walking past camera in to the hallway making sure it is clear.
4.Deep focus
Focused zoom of teacher spying on hacker and walking into other class room to confront him
5.Shot reverse shot
Characters having a conversation 
6.Close up
Hacker grabbing object to hit teacher
7.Long shot
Hacker try’s to hit teacher before we see it black out.

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